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Discover How an Air Purifier Works

It is amazing how much debris may be in the air that we just can’t see. We don’t say this to scare you but rather to make you aware. Indoor air quality isn’t just impacted by dust.

The reality is that you may be dealing with poor indoor air quality from contaminants that you can’t pick up on visually. Even dust motes are hard to see most of the time!

This is why it helps to invest in an indoor air quality solution that helps combat these particulates throughout the year.

We want to give you some information on the type of air purifiers out there to choose from. This way, if you are considering an air filter or air purifier in Rutland, BC, the decision will be that much easier to make.

Electronic Air Purifiers

An electronic air purifier is going to accomplish its goal with the use of electricity. In layman’s terms, these purifiers produce a charge that will charge the particles flowing through your ductwork. This allows those particles to be drawn to a metal plate where they are held until the plate is cleaned off. Air purifiers are helpful against a wide variety of airborne contaminants because they literally remove them from the air that flows into your house.

UV Light Air Purifiers

The UV light that this type of air purifier uses refers to ultraviolet light. Don’t worry though this system isn’t going to pose a threat to your wellbeing. In fact, it will help improve your health by preventing illnesses!

UV light purifiers or UV germicidal lights use a certain type of ultraviolet light that either breaks down and destroys airborne particles or will alter them genetically.

We know that second approach sounds odd but hear us out. Altering the genetic code of certain airborne contaminants is going to stop them from growing and spreading.

his is especially helpful when you are trying to keep viruses, bacteria, and mold spores to a minimum–it renders them as harmless as dust! Air purifiers can also prove helpful in combating bad smells.

What About Air Filters?

Not sure if you need the level of protection that an air purifier offers? That’s okay, you can also consider an air filter. Much like the filter that sits in your HVAC system’s return air duct, an air filter is going to capture airborne contaminants using a semi-permeable membrane.

Like a UV or electric air purifier, an air filter is installed in your home’s ductwork. Because of this, it can filter all of the air that enters the home, helping to protect you and your loved ones.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

Getting a whole-house air purifier or air filter isn’t a cheap option. However, the returns on your investment are immense. The benefits of getting an indoor air quality system like these includes:

  • Less problems with itchy skin
  • Reduced illness
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • A cleaner home
  • Better heating and cooling energy efficiency

Ready to clean up the air in your home? Then it is time to reach out to our team.

Contact Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling to learn more about air purifiers and other indoor air quality systems or to book your installation today.

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