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Tips For Efficient Furnace Operation


You should be able to enjoy the use of your furnace without stressing over the energy bill impact.

Yes, there will be an impact but it shouldn’t be so much that it forces you to reassess your budget for several months.

It pays to learn about some of the different ways you can run your furnace as efficiently as possible.

We’ve provided some of these helpful best practices that you can adopt to enjoy optimal efficiency and effectiveness from your system.

Here are some effective tips to keep the house warm but keep your energy bills reasonable.

Turn the thermostat down and bundle up

This may be the hardest tactic to use for some of us. Bundling up sounds cozy but turning the thermostat down a few degrees doesn’t. If it makes it easier, you can try adjusting the thermostat down one degree a day in order to allow everyone time to adjust.

Keeping the thermostat set to around 20° maximum will keep your home warm without jacking up your energy bills. Bundling up a bit more can make it easier to turn that thermostat down and reduce the energy use of your furnace.

When everyone is sleeping and cozy under the covers, you can turn things down one degree more to increase those savings.

Use any sunlight that you can

There is free warmth coming into your house when you let the sunshine in! Sunlight carries an abundance of radiant heat.

If you have any windows that see direct sunshine during the day then you’ll want to open the blinds or curtains to let the light, and the heat it carries, in.

Doing so can help warm the house and ease the amount of work that your furnace has to do.

Change the HVAC filter on a regular basis

Your HVAC filter plays a bigger role than you may realize. This part of your heating system keeps dirt and other debris out of your furnace, improving its energy efficiency and reducing the wear and tear that your furnace accumulates.

Ensure vents are clean, clear, and open

If you are using your furnace heater, you should make sure that there is nothing hindering its air distribution.

Closing vents or leaving them blocked with dust or décor can leave you paying for warm air that never has an effect. What’s worse, it will increase strain on your heater which can increase the chances of repair needs.

Do the rounds and double-check all the vents in your house. Make sure they are open, clean, and unhindered. This will save you a lot of money throughout the season.

Schedule maintenance and repairs with our expert team

Last but not least, make sure you turn to the professionals for expert furnace service in Kelowna, BC. We provide both furnace maintenance and furnace repair for homes throughout the area.

Maintenance keeps your furnace’s efficiency at its peak and prevents a majority of repair needs. As you can guess, repairs will help restore your furnace to its prime when it hits a problem.

 We guarantee your comfort with every job we do. Contact Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling to schedule furnace service that will keep your comfort up and your bills low.

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