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Why Ongoing Furnace Service Leads to a Longer Furnace Lifespan

Monday, February 19th, 2024

If there’s one thing we wish that homeowners in Peachland, BC, knew about their heating systems, it’s that annual maintenance is not really an optional furnace service, but an essential one. Not only does maintenance help your heating system run more efficiently, but it also helps avoid unexpected repairs and breakdowns in service. Think of it as an investment in the longevity of your furnace.


Maintenance is an essential service for any heating system but it’s especially important for gas-powered furnaces. This service can keep your furnace in better shape for a longer period of time at a lower cost. Not only that, but maintenance is an opportunity for our technicians to make sure that your electric or gas furnace is operating safely. 

Let’s go over how ongoing furnace maintenance leads to a longer lifespan for your furnace and what happens during a maintenance appointment.

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Tips For Efficient Furnace Operation

Monday, February 6th, 2023

You should be able to enjoy the use of your furnace without stressing over the energy bill impact.

Yes, there will be an impact but it shouldn’t be so much that it forces you to reassess your budget for several months.

It pays to learn about some of the different ways you can run your furnace as efficiently as possible.

We’ve provided some of these helpful best practices that you can adopt to enjoy optimal efficiency and effectiveness from your system.

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Tips for Better Efficiency and Comfort This Season

Monday, November 21st, 2022

Keeping your home comfortable during the coldest months of the year can feel like a challenge at times, although this is made much easier with a furnace that is working right. You may start to run into trouble though with the overall cost of running your system.

You deserve to enjoy a comfortably warm home when temperatures outside drop below zero. But you should be able to do this without destroying your budget.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you can keep your home warm at a reasonable price.

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