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Why A Booming Furnace Requires Expert Attention

What do you usually hear when you turn on your furnace? Do you hear a click, perhaps a hum, and then the whoosh of warm air flowing through the house? Or do you hear a click, then more clicking, a concerning boom, and then the whoosh of air?

If it is the second option, then we need to talk.

A booming noise from your furnace is not good and it is 100% a sign that you need a professional to provide you with a furnace repair in Rutland, BC. Here’s what you should know.

What Causes the Boom?

Booming from your furnace is usually going to occur at the beginning of the heating cycle. What is happening is that something has hindered the ignition of the gas in your furnace. The gas will continue to flow into the combustion chamber until the system ignites it.

When a large amount of gas suddenly ignites at once, it is essentially a small explosion. That is what is creating the boom noise.

Why This Noise Is a Big Issue

As you can probably guess, your furnace isn’t going to last very long if it is dealing with small explosions every time it turns on. The impact of this issue will be increased wear and tear that can significantly shorten your furnace’s lifespan.

That boom can also be a precursor to a cracked heat exchanger. If you don’t know already, a cracked heat exchanger is going to be a problem that hinders your home heating along with creating a safety hazard. This is because cracks in this part of your furnace heater will allow combustion gasses to escape into the air that is blown into your home.

If you hear a boom from your furnace when it tries to start the heating cycle, paired with a delay in response to your thermostat, then it is a good idea to schedule furnace repairs as soon as you can.

Other Concerning Furnace Sounds

Booming isn’t the only noise that your furnace may make which can indicate trouble for the system. It is best to know as much as you can about what you should and shouldn’t hear from your heating system. Other concerning sounds that your furnace may start making include:

  • Rattling: This is a noise that is warning you about a loose part in your furnace heater system. This may be a fan blade or even a part of the furnace cabinet.
  • Hissing: In the best-case scenario, hissing indicates a clogged air filter. In the worst-case scenario, hissing indicates a leak in your heat changer.
  • Screeching: A loud and annoying noise, this is a likely indicator that you have a dry blower motor belt or dry motor bearings.

If you hear something new coming from your furnace, even if you don’t think it is worrisome, you should still talk to a professional about tuning up or repairing the system.

We guarantee your comfort with every job we do. Schedule your next furnace heater repair with Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling.

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