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Why Ongoing Furnace Service Leads to a Longer Furnace Lifespan

If there’s one thing we wish that homeowners in Peachland, BC, knew about their heating systems, it’s that annual maintenance is not really an optional furnace service, but an essential one. Not only does maintenance help your heating system run more efficiently, but it also helps avoid unexpected repairs and breakdowns in service. Think of it as an investment in the longevity of your furnace.


Maintenance is an essential service for any heating system but it’s especially important for gas-powered furnaces. This service can keep your furnace in better shape for a longer period of time at a lower cost. Not only that, but maintenance is an opportunity for our technicians to make sure that your electric or gas furnace is operating safely. 

Let’s go over how ongoing furnace maintenance leads to a longer lifespan for your furnace and what happens during a maintenance appointment.

How Maintenance Is an Investment in Your Furnace’s Longevity

Just like with any piece of complex machinery, a furnace needs regular maintenance to make sure it’s running smoothly and efficiently. A good way of thinking about it is comparing your furnace to your car. 

Now, we’d like to think that you’re on top of taking your car in for routine tune-ups, oil changes, and service at its recommended mileage markers. If you’re nodding your head and thinking, “Of course I do,” then you’re well aware of what would happen to your car if you didn’t take care of these routine tasks. Eventually, it would break down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road with the realization that an expensive repair bill is in your future.

Getting an oil change for your car and getting maintenance for your furnace have similarities in their importance and function. Just as an oil change and tune-up keep your car running smoothly, furnace maintenance ensures that your home’s heating system operates reliably, efficiently, and safely. Without maintenance, your furnace will eventually break down just like a car that hasn’t had oil changes would. 

What Happens During Furnace Maintenance?

When performed by a professional HVAC contractor, a technician will perform a thorough inspection and safety checks to make sure your furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Here are some of the tasks that will be completed. 

  • They inspect the furnace for any signs of wear or damage, including the heat exchanger, burner assembly, and ignition system. 
  • They check the airflow, ductwork, burners, ignition system, heat exchanger, and filter to ensure they’re working as they should.
  • They clean the interior, removing debris, dust, and soot buildup from critical parts, such as the burner, blower motor, and flue pipe. 
  • They lubricate moving parts and tighten electrical connections as needed
  • They test the thermostat for accurate temperature control.

At Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling, we want you to know that we provide heating maintenance and even have a heating maintenance program you can join to make scheduling maintenance less of a headache.

Contact Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling today for all your furnace-related needs and much more! We guarantee your comfort with every job we do!

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