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6 Signs You Need an AC Repair

Added sunshine and warmth are enjoyable on the days when you want to get outside. But what about when you are trying to stay cool? It’s one thing to stay in the shade of the house and another to stay in a house that is both a source of shade and cool air. If your home isn’t keeping you cool though, you likely have a problem on your hands

It is a good idea to schedule an AC repair in Kelowna, BC right away if you are noticing trouble with your cooling system. You don’t want to leave those issues to worsen! To help you get those repairs scheduled quickly, we’ve listed some of the warning signs that you need to know.

1. Rattling or clanging noises

When your system is in use, are you hearing sounds that indicate something is shaking or bouncing around in the air conditioner? If so, those rattling or clanging noises are a sign of trouble that is worth reaching out to a repair technician to address. Rattling may mean a loose part is about to break free while clanging means you have something bouncing around unhindered in your system.

2. Reduced cooling effectiveness

If your air conditioner isn’t producing cool air the way it is supposed to, then it is pretty clear that the system needs repairs. Perhaps you have a problem with your refrigerant pressure or there is a thermostat issue. Whatever the cause, a loss of effectiveness is a good reason to talk to a professional about repairs.

3. Reduced airflow from the system

Your air conditioner is running but there is barely any air exiting the vents. Perhaps most of the vents throughout the house are producing reasonable airflow but there is one that isn’t allowing any air out of it. Issues with airflow can be due to a variety of issues, but the end result is that they will negatively affect your home comfort until they are addressed.

4. A dirty or frozen evaporator coil

The evaporator coil is where the AC’s refrigerant absorbs heat to cool the air. If this coil becomes dirty, it will hinder the heat absorption process. Eventually, the coil may even develop a layer of ice on it which will worsen the problem until there is no heat being absorbed at all.

5. The system is short cycling

Short cycling is when your AC turns on and off within a few minutes, which costs extra money due to additional energy use. This will severely hinder comfort in your home. Short cycling should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

6. Energy bills are on the rise

Are you noticing that your energy bills are reflecting spikes in your usage that don’t match your actual AC use? Then there may be a problem with the AC using the added energy usage.

If you notice something is amiss with your air conditioner, now is the best time to reach out to a professional for the repairs you need.

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