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Ronnie L, Last month

Professional, competent, friendly, great customer service. Very satisfied with the technician's service of our furnace and fireplace. Have signed up for their service maintenance program. 5/5.

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Brenda S, Last month

Great company. Always on time. Very personable and informative techs.

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Rob Wood, Last month

Booked our fall furnace inspection to ensure we are ready for winter. First time using Comfort Tech as our regular company went out of business. Aussie Mike did an outstanding job. Made a couple required adjustments for better gas cost efficiency and we are good to go. Thanks Mike, hope to see in the spring for our AC inspection.

Randy R's Profile Image
Randy R, Last month

What an excellent company. Before during and after installation went very smoothly.

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Xolour Mdinekar, Last month

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Annie Bananie, Last month
Cheryl Wells (Tom)'s Profile Image
Cheryl Wells (Tom), Last month

We are happy with the service we receive for annual fireplace maintenance.

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Kathy Dietrick, Last month
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Rosslyn Ellett, Last month

My fireplace looks like new!! after great servicing from Comfort Tech! all cleaned up and ready for use this winter!

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doug sader, Last month

Comfort Tech was fabulous! My AC was not functioning correctly and they came out within 24 hours during a heat wave in August and took the time to analysis my system to get an accurate diagnosis. They didn't rush through anything and found the problem. Thanks for great service and honesty in repairing my AC!

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