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HVAC Maintenance You Can Do at Home


As the seasons change, what you need from your home’s HVAC system changes. And this means considering what your HVAC system needs from you, too. And while your furnace or your air conditioner doesn’t require as much attention as, say, a pet or even a houseplant, they’ll keep you more comfortable if you make sure they receive basic maintenance.

We offer effective maintenance as part of our Total Comfort Plan which involves a technician tuning up your system every 6 months! That’s a perfect place to get started.

But during the rest of the year, there are things you can do to keep your systems in good condition. What HVAC maintenance can you do yourself to keep your home comfortable and your systems running efficiently? Read on to find out.

Air Filter Changes

There is one filter in your central air system. This is not to improve your indoor air quality so much as to keep dust and grime from causing problems for your HVAC system. Grit between moving parts causes friction and wear and tear. A layer of dust on a warm motor causes overheating. The air filter protects against these concerns.

However, an air filter that is thickly caked with dust won’t allow sufficient airflow for the system to run properly. This can lead to issues like short cycling, when a furnace or air conditioner shuts down very shortly after starting up, over and over. It’s terrible for the system, uses a shocking amount of extra energy, and leaves you with insufficient and uneven heating or cooling.

If you have a standard 1″ air filter in your system, it may need to be changed as often as monthly. During spring or fall, when use is minimal, the filter should be changed at least every three months. Some filters are reusable and can be washed and dried. Others are disposable and must be replaced. Check your owner’s manuals or reach out to us with any questions you have. If you are on our Total Comfort Plan, you can rely on your technician to advise you on how often the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

Keeping Systems Clean

For your indoor furnace, it’s best to keep them clean and clear of dust. Don’t open the cabinets and start trying to clean the inner workings, just keep the outside and surrounding areas clean.

You should also note that for safety and to avoid a serious fire hazard, you should keep all items at least five feet from your furnace. Flammable items like cardboard boxes, fabric, and dryer lint are of greatest concern. This will also help with reducing dust in the area around the furnace.

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is exposed to another type of mess. It’s easy for lawn clippings, mud, dirt, or outdoor dust to cake the condenser coils. This prevents them from releasing the heat that the refrigerant absorbs from your home, leading to an air conditioner that runs too much and doesn’t cool your home sufficiently.

Airflow is critical in this part of your HVAC system as well. Use a gentle hose to wash any mess from the coils. Rake away any cut grass or leaf litter. And trim back branches or plants that might keep heat in. 

If you keep your systems and their air filters clean, and make sure they get professional maintenance every year, they’ll last longer, require fewer repairs, and operate more efficiently and effectively. If you have any questions about HVAC in Lake Country, BC, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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